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AI-Driven, Chronic Disease Prediction Platform

PulseData helps Payers, Providers, Payviders, ACOs and other VBC organizations improve outcomes and reduce costs through actionable clinical insights delivered directly to the point of care.

Use Cases

Patented AI to better understand, diagnose, risk stratify, and predict adverse events for patients with chronic diseases. Seamlessly transform your data and unlock valuable insights, delivered to the point of care, for improved decision-making.

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Chronic Kidney
Disease (CKD)

Our advanced AI models are unrivaled in market performance for predicting the risk of kidney function decline. We deliver actionable clinical insights to the point of care.


Admission Risk

PulseData uses predictive modeling to identify high-risk patients early, preventing disease progression, improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

HCC Accuracy

Improve HCC Accuracy

PulseData's ML/AI solution identifies undiagnosed and under-diagnosed patients at risk for chronic conditions and significantly improves HCC accuracy.

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Prevent Avoidable
ED Visits

Our advanced artificial intelligence models have the highest performance in the market, building on our patented machine learning system for predicting risk.

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Generate meaningful and actionable information that can be used for decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic planning.
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Identifying the next best care management action and automate delivery of specific care actions directly to the point of care. 



% reduction in admissions



$ saved per identified
enrolled member



X CKD Stage 1-2 Identified

A Better Way to Understand Your Patients

Predict and Improve diagnostic accuracy

"In a perfect world data for KFRE would be available in every clinic/health system.  But the perfect world doesn’t exist, not even in neph clinics, let alone health systems.  For the real world, PulseData has the best solution on the market by miles."

Dr. Navdeep Tangri
Physician and the lead researcher and creator of the predictive model for progression of chronic kidney disease to kidney failure (KFRE)
Dr. Navdeep Tangri

Focus care management staff

“PulseData helped us act quickly to build a safety net for all our members and proactively intervene with those most at-risk. We’re excited about the benefits this partnership will bring to our members and primary care practices moving forward.”

Faris Ghawi
CEO of Vytalize
Faris Ghawi headshot_i

Lower medical expenses

"The future of healthcare will depend on leveraging advanced technologies that keep patients healthier and costs lower. PulseData is focused on having exactly this impact on renal disease, a chronic condition that affects millions of patients and costs the healthcare system over $100 billion a year. We're excited to continue our partnership with such a brilliant and mission-driven team of entrepreneurs." 

Mike Goguen
Founder and Managing Partner of Two Bear Capital
Mike Goguen

Data Intelligence Platform

“PulseData has built the best data intelligence platform for predicting the progression of kidney disease.... PulseData’s models equip local care teams to deliver the highest quality care to the most at-risk patient cohorts. We’re excited about the results PulseData has achieved. We look forward to partnering with Teddy, Hai Po and the rest of the management team to improve kidney care for patients.”

Danielle Wang
Senior Vice President at Bain Capital
Danielle Wang

Account for better outcomes

“Pain-point targeted technology:…startups focused on solving specific pain points can find success in helping risk takers target niche opportunities. For example PulseData uses AI & ML to understand patient data and predict outcomes for chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease. By targeting kidney care, which accounts for roughly 20% of CMS spending, PulseData can potentially provide quick wins to customers. Risk-takers will use these savings to further invest in VBC technology."

Pitchbook 2021
Annual Enterprise Healthtech Report